Cleaner Blending is all about making smarter, more transparent choices about every ingredient we add or eliminate.

It’s a tradition we’re carrying forward from our founder, who began Smoothie King by blending different fruits and vegetables with high-quality supplements that made him feel better.

Go on, take a look inside our blenders!

Smarter choices

Just like you, we’re making nutritious choices every day. To date, here’s how:


Whole mangoes Whole mangoes
Whole bananas Whole bananas
Whole carrots Whole carrots
Whole kale Whole kale
Whole almonds Whole almonds
Raw plant-based protein Raw plant-based protein
Whole wild blueberries Whole wild blueberries


Gluten Gluten
NSF banned substances* NSF banned substances*
Trans fat Trans fat
High fructose corn syrup High fructose corn syrup
Hydrogenated oils Hydrogenated oils

But we’re not stopping here.

*Any ingredients prohibited by any regulatory lists monitored by NSF

Our nutrition goals

To help our Guests achieve their goals, we’re currently working toward:

Removing ALL sugar added

in our Purpose Blends. Today, that’s over 50 blends!

Eliminating ALL

Artificial flavors
Artificial colors
Artificial preservatives
GMO fruits & veggies
Added hormones

Ensuring we OFFER some
Smoothies that are: